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gTodo.txt is a todo list management application. It is based on the todo.txt format. This uses a simple plain text file to encode tasks, which is platform independent and future proof. This application is donation ware, which means you can fund the development by donations and you may freely use or distribute it.

The g stands for graphical as well as for Groovy. The former because it is a GUI for todo.txt, the latter because the application was written in Groovy. This application tries to be an effective and easy to use interface for the todo.txt file, using mouse or keyboard.

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The current version of gTodo.txt is 1.0.1. To run this application you need Java version 6 or above. For more information see the Java Website.

Operating System Package OS Version Tested on OS (with Java 6)
All Systems ZIP file OS with Java 6 or above Mac OS X 10.6, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 11.10
Apple Mac OS X Installer 10.5 and above 10.6
Disk Image
Microsoft Windows Installer XP and above 7
ZIP file


Future Proof
The todo.txt format is based on a simple text file. This is readable and editable with any operating system, even in decades.
No feature overkill, just helping you to manage your tasks. If you change something, the modifications are saved automatically. If the todo.txt file changes, your task list is updated. Use mouse or keyboard to navigate and manipulate your tasks. The application will notify you if a newer version is available (which can be disabled).
Cross Platform
Use the same program on Mac OS X, Windows or any other operating system with Java 6 or higher. Nevertheless it looks and feels like a native program.
Put the application on a USB stick, into your synchronized folder (like Dropbox) or similar. Start it from there, go to preferences and activate the option Portable. Next select a todo.txt directory on the USB Stick/synchronized folder/similar and you're done!
To be portable across operating systems use the All Platforms package. To save space you can delete the folder help, the online help will be used automatically. Use Todo.txt Touch for Android or iOS together with your Dropbox account to manage tasks from your smartphone.


Screenshot Apple Mac OS X (full) Screenshot Apple Mac OS X (small)
Apple Mac OS X
Screenshot Microsoft Windows (full) Screenshot Microsoft Windows (small)
Microsoft Windows
Screenshot Ubuntu Linux (full) Screenshot Ubuntu Linux (small)
Ubuntu Linux

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't gTodo.txt open-source?
The code, building and packaging isn't trivial and I would have to document everything thoroughly before making it public. This will cost much work and time I want to invest in other things.
Why is there no package specifically for Linux?
I don't have the energy to support every package manager there is. If you want to package it for a Linux distribution, just go ahead starting with the All Platforms package. If you do so it would be cool if you could inform me, so I can provide download links here.
Do I have to donate?
No. But if you do so, you support the further development of this application.
How much should I donate?
What about 1.59€/1.99$? Or a Flattr subscription as long as you use it? If you use the application very often: why not more? If you use it only now end then: fewer is OK, of course. You don't have any money: an email, a cent or Flattr click will show your appreciation as well and will make me a bit happier.
Which features are planned?
Next will be support for translations, German will be the first language besides English. Other languages could be added with user aid. Also I might add support for archiving of tasks.

Version History

1.0.1 (9th of April 2012)
Bugfix release. Solves file locking issues for Windows and improves look for very short tasks.
1.0.0 (6th of April 2012)
Initial release
Created: Mar 29, 2012 5:45 PM
Last modified: Apr 9, 2012 4:47 PM