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Fightstick Dual Strike Mod Tutorial

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This document describes how to build a Dual Strike into a MadCatz Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition (for XBox360/PC), so that it can be used additionally on a PlayStation 3 and XBox1 as well as on PCs as a MAME compliant keyboard encoder.

For questions and comments on this tutorial write an email to pohl-michael@gmx.biz.

Warning: By modifying your arcade fightstick you loose any guarentee by the retailer and/or manufacturer in most cases.

Important Note: Take your time! It took me about four hours to do the mod, but depending on your experience it can take less or longer. Always be cautious and gentle when handling the parts.



Basic soldering experience as well as familiarity with electronic parts and tools are required. Knowledge about arcade sticks is helpful and can easily be obtained by reading tutorials, guides and such on websites like Shoryuken and HardEdge.


Dual Strike
A PCB acting as a Playstation 3 controller with USB pass-through function. It can be connected to the other PCB by a piggyback connector cable.
photo of the Dual Strike and piggyback cable
Arcade Fightstick (not for Playstation 3)
The stick to mod, in this tutorial it is a MadCatz Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition (XBox360/PC), but it could be for any system (e.g. Dreamcast) other than PS3 using a USB connection.
photo of the fightstick exterior
USB type B plug (optional)
The original cable gets a USB type B plug to be connected to the Dual Strike. Alternatively you can use a new USB cable.
photo of the USB plug
Two Screws
The screws to fasten the Dual Strike in the fightstick.


photo of the tools to use



Prepare a resting place (e.g. two pile of books) with about the height of the stick box. Open the top with the hexagon screwdriver, cautiously lift it up and remove the glue applied in production to the screws from the board on the right side where the cables of the buttons lead to. Loosen the screws and the board. Put the top on the prepared resting place.

photo of the fightstick interior before modding

Remove the glue on the plugs and screws on the PCB. Remember the places of the plugged cables from the PCB (e.g. with a photo or marks) and remove them. When the PCB is free of these cables loosen the screws that hold it in place, cut the USB cable as near to the PCB as possible with the nipper pliers (or desolder the cables) and remove it from the housing.

photo of the fightstick interior after removing plugs and screws from the PCB photo of the fightstick PCB with all connections removed

Connect Dual Strike to PCB

Presolder the cords of the piggyback cable. Solder the appropiate cords (see the mapping table) of the piggyback cable onto the USB soldering points on the fightstick PCB (those marked 5V, D-, D+ and GND). Use the magnifying glass to check that the soldering points don't meet.

photo of fightstick PCB with USB cables soldered to it

Then connect the other cords of the piggyback cable to the PCB, either soldering them or using a solderless solution, for example this one:

  1. Cut the corners of a plug socket that are farthest away from the side where it is open.
  2. Lightly cut the corner on the base of this side to make it more flexible.
  3. Insert the cords into the appropiate holes of the plug guiding the cord away from the side which will be on the open side of the socket.
  4. Insert the plug into the socket.

This is explained in this video, except the cutting of the sockets. In the beginning of the video another solderless solution is described which might suit you more.

photo of fightstick interior after modding

Since firmware version 1.6 it is possible to use the screw connectors S3 and S4 to read out the joystick mode switch or to emulate this switch for the pass-through PCB, if you don't want to have it on your stick anymore - the connection is the same. For how to configure the Dual Strike see the manual for the firmware. To use S3 and S4 in this manner just connect the one ends of two cables to the screw connectors and connect the other ends to the L Stick and R Stick pins on the fightstick PCB.

Mapping Table

On the piggyback cable the cord for pin one is red. The following table shows how the Dual Strike pins have to be connected and which function they have.

Dual Strike MadCatz Fightstick PCB Pin Name Bemu Slang Controller Button
Pin Number Screw Connector Name XBox360 PS3
1 5V 5V
2 HP BE5 Hard Punch RB R1
3 DW D Down
4 UP U Up
5 RG R Right
6 LF L Left
7 LK BE10 Light Kick A
8 LP BE8 Light Punch X
9 MK BE9 Medium Kick B
10 MP BE7 Medium Punch Y
11 SEL BACK Back Select
12 STA START Start
13 HK BE3 Hard Kick RT R2
14 D-
16 D+
17 4K BE4 4th Kick LT L2
18 4P BE6 4th Punch LB L1

Connect Dual Strike to USB Cable

If you are afraid of soldering just use a new cable instead of the old one. Otherwise solder the USB cable cords either directly to the Dual Strike or to a USB type B plug. Also solder the thick black cable that is connected to the shielding to GND or the shielding of the plug (the outer bottom shell, into which the part with the USB line contacts is pushed) respectively. Seen from the back (the side which isn't inserted into the USB socket) the numbers of the soldering points are as follows:

2 1
3 4

Solder these points to the USB cable cords as specified by the following table:

Pin Number Fightstick PCB Pin Name Cable Color
1 5V red
2 D- white
3 D+ green
4 GND black

Insert the USB plug into the Dual Strike.


Now test the functions. If a Windows PC is available you can use the Windows button numbers as described in the manual for the installed firmware to debug. Because the Dual Strike is a standard HID game controller no device drivers are needed. If anything isn't working as expected check if all the connections are correct. If everything works mark and drill two small holes in an appropriate place and fasten the Dual Strike with the screws. Reassemble the fightstick and you are done!

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