Michael Pohl


Photo of Michael Pohl

My name is Michael Pohl and I am a Software Developer for eWorks GmbH. The fields of my software projects where mainly embedded devices, GUI applications and web technologies (front- as well as backend). I have a Diploma degree in Computer Science (TU Darmstadt, University of Bonn).

I create software as a hobby, too. For ArcadeForge I developed the firmware and other software for the Key Strike, the SNES Strike and for the Dual Strike. I'm interested in technology and sciences, especially Philosophy, Astronomy and Physics. I like gaming on consoles and computers—from retro games, through indy and arty titles to blockbusters; also I take an interest in the technical side and the cultural aspects. I read articles, listen to podcast and watch documentaries about the things I take interest in. And I enjoy listening to music and like watching TV series.